Deluxe Car Trash Can, Waterproof foldable Litter Bag

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Deluxe Car Trash Can, Waterproof foldable Litter Bag
Made by Elaine Karen; this car liter bag is a must have for all cars. Constructed of high quality material the garbage can is durable, spill proof and sturdy. You will experience a much more pleasant ride with this bag being that you will have a place to keep the car Trash.

Long Lasting and Durable

The perfect size 8.5″ x 3.5″ x 12.4″ just hang it on your headrest with the elastic band; It lets you keep your vehicle clean and organized. You will finally get rid of the paper mess, fast foods, empty cups, snack wrappers, and other small things. This will protect your carpeting, and upholstery, and let your car always stay fresh and clean.

Features a side mesh pocket for water bottles, allows for easy and fast access when needed.

• Keeps your vehicle clean and organized.
• Perfect size for small car garbage.
• Will fit any vehicle.
• Folds down and stays flat with the elastic band for Storage.
• Great for cars, boats, Rv, can be used for accessories.

It can be used as a handy storage holder for all your car accessories. Can be used in a car, boat, truck, RV, or you can storage kids toys in it.

Our Customer Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee:
Deluxe Car Liter Bags are backed by a 30 day 100% MONEY BACK Warranty. No questions asked! Order Now!

WATERPROOF FOLDABLE LITER BAG – Tired of constantly cleaning up your car from snack bags, bottles, and papers? This is the perfect solution for keeping your vehicle organized and clean! These car liter bags are super convenient, being that it is durable, spill proof, and sturdy.
PERFECT SIZE, FITS ANY VEHICLE -the great size of 8.5″ x 3.5″ x 12.4″, lets you get rid of bottles, wrappers, and unwanted papers, with easy access. When gets dirty, just wipe clean with a cloth.
ONE BAG MANY USES – anything can be put in this liter bag being that it’s waterproof. The bag can be used to keep car accessories, and children’s toys. Super easy to carry around, can be used in boats, RV’s, Dorm rooms, Trucks, and for picnics.
LIGHT WEIGHT, COMFORTABLE, AND CONVENIENT – The easy elastic strap guarantees no spills, and lets the bag stay in place. You don’t have to worry about making wide turns and the bag spilling because it will stay in an upright position. The bag can be folded flat and be kept in the car pocket when not using
SATISFACTION WARRANTY – The deluxe car trash can, waterproof foldable liter bags are backed by a 30 day 100% Money back warranty.

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